What If World: Stories for Kids

Come find out how Mr. Eric creates What If World, one of the most popular fiction podcasts for kids. Learn the secrets to improv and storytelling, get editing tips, hear an episode clip, or ask to meet one of the imaginary characters Mr. Eric voices. (TTicketed Workshop. 45 min per session. Limited to 15 participants)

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Eric O'Keeffe

Eric O'Keeffe

Eric O'Keeffe lives far, far away from his nephew in Boston. Their weekly stories over Skype inspired the What If World podcast, which he single-handedly record, edits, and produces every week! Eric has over 10 years of experience with early childhood development and has taught kids motor skills, gymnastics, karate, singing, acting, and story-telling.

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Karen O'Keeffe

When not at her day job at a software company in Los Angeles, Karen might be found making pies, walking her dogs, playing board games, or listening non-stop to podcasts. She is the co-creator of What If World, and has taught Eric everything he knows about editing and producing.