Spanning 6 hours and attracting over 8,100 attendees on December 1, we declare DTLA Mini Maker Faire 2018 a whopping success! With an attendance increase of more than four times over 2017, DTLA Mini Maker Faire 2018 not only brought together Maker communities from across the greater Los Angeles area and beyond, it also validated the power and influence of the Maker movement. Throughout the day thousands of curious minds came to explore, experiment with, and experience science, technology, art, and engineering. It was truly a celebration of creativity and ingenuity that inspired and stimulated people from all walks of life.

If you missed this year’s phenomenal DTLA Mini Maker Faire, be sure to check out the recap of the event on Facebook and Instagram. Most importantly, mark your calendar because the DTLA Mini Maker Faire will be back December 7, 2019!

DTLA Mini Maker Faire 2018 thanks the generous sponsorship of CRASH Space, Repurpose, Inc., We Are Giants, BOSEBuild, Supply Frame, and the Library Foundation of Los Angeles.


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