Eric Kurland is one of over 100 Makers joining us at DTLA Mini Maker Faire 2018 tomorrow, December 1, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Los Angeles Central Library. Eric was kind enough to answer some questions about himself, his projects, his involvement with the Maker Movement, and what he is looking forward to at this year’s Faire.

What does being a Maker mean to you?

To me, being a Maker means following one’s passion (in my case stereoscopic 3-D), expressing that passion through creative projects, and then sharing those projects with other people. Hopefully, those people will learn something new and become inspired to find their own passions and make their own things.

How did you get into the Maker Movement?

Growing up my parents were both creative people, my mother in the arts and my father in engineering, so I was always encouraged to create things. We often built things together. When the Maker Faire movement began I got involved and have been exhibiting my 3-D projects at Maker Faires around the country for over eleven years.

What do you think about public library involvement in the Maker Movement?

It’s great that the library is providing a venue where the public will connect with Makers and experience a wide variety of projects to teach and inspire.

What do you hope attendees take away from this year’s Faire?

I hope that attendees leave the DTLA Mini Maker Faire with a desire to make something themselves and the confidence that anybody can be a Maker.

What is your background and how did you get involved in stereoscopic 3-D?

I have loved 3-D since I was a kid looking through a View-Master and seeing the image literally “pop” into depth. I started in photography and filmmaking at age 10, but it didn’t occur to me that I could make 3-D pictures until 2002 when I met other 3-D photographers and filmmakers at a monthly meeting of the LA 3-D Club. I have been working in the medium of stereoscopic 3-D ever since.

How did your interest in 3-D technologies impact your career, education, or other areas of life?

Initially, 3-D was my hobby, but as I became more skilled at it, I began seeking work specializing in the field. This led to my working on a number of 3-D movies, music videos, and related projects. My involvement in the Los Angeles 3-D community grew and I served as president of the LA 3-D Club for five years and launched the LA 3-D Movie Festival, an annual film fest held in Downtown Los Angeles every December. When my mentor, 3-D artist,and historian, Ray Zone passed away in 2012 I was inspired to carry on his work. I founded the nonprofit 3-D SPACE. I also founded the Center For Stereoscopic Photography, Art, Cinema, and Education which educates the public on the art, science, and history of 3-D at our recently opened museum gallery in Echo Park and events and screenings all across California.

Can you think of an example of a time you inspired an individual to make?

I teach workshops on 3-D photography. At Maker Faire, I love to show people how they can take their own 3-D pictures. It’s very fulfilling to show people how they can make something themselves and then have them return later to show me their own efforts.

What are you Making now? What is your latest Maker adventure?

I’m producing the 15th LA Movie Festival coming up on December 15-16, I’ll be opening an exhibit of holograms and lenticulars at the 3-D SPACE Museum gallery later in the month. I also recently developed a digital technique to create modern versions of a kind of 19th-century stereocard called french-tissue diableries and I’m trying out some new techniques to create three-dimensional images in virtual reality.

What do you think is the most important attribute about being a Maker?

I think the most important attribute is a vast curiosity coupled with an unreasonable faith that all dreams can be forged in reality.

DTLA Mini Maker Faire 2018 takes place this Saturday, December 1, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Central Library in Downtown Los Angeles. This event is free, open to the public, and fun for everyone! Please register for your free tickets on our Eventbrite page. Check out the schedule of talks, performances, and workshops to help plan your day at the Faire.

Please note that space is limited for all ticketed workshops. Tickets will be assigned on a first come, first served basis at check-in.

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